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Our 5 Steps

Our training guides each participant through 5 steps of leadership development:

Apprentice – Messenger – Coach – Leader - Mentor

Each step has specific assignments to be completed and resources to utilize that give direction  to the next level.  Our training is designed to provide maximum team support and individualized coaching from preceding leaders in the training.   All team members are committed to the success of each team member and provide additional support to increase the potential for success.


An Apprentice is a student. Each new team member is in transition to become a successful entrepreneur.  Previous experience and skills are blended with new information and mentoring as new goals and guidelines are set for the future.  A sustained personal commitment and a clear vision are critical in achieving success.  The areas of study for the Apprentice are based on the four quadrants of this training.  A life-long challenge of ongoing learning results in an increased knowledge base and unstoppable belief.


The role of the Messenger is to become an effective communicator.   At this step of the training, learning to share a message and qualify potential new leaders is a critical role on the team.  The expansion of our business model is dependent on how well we can express our vision to others.  Perfecting verbal, nonverbal, Internet and written communication will support the success of a Messenger in all aspects of their lives.


Every team needs a Coach. The Coach is the cheerleader and trainer.   This is the team member that holds others accountable on the team.  In addition, they teach new skills, clarify the path; help teach goal setting, organize team meetings.  The Coach also is the link between new team members and experienced leaders.  They are the Leaders in training. This is where success in our project can start to be visualized.   From their experienced perspective they will help the team make course corrections ands best of all, celebrate success.


The Leader on the team has accumulated the experience to qualify them as the inspiritor on the team.  The Leader is one step ahead of everyone else – reading, studying, learning, sharing ideas, and making sure everything runs smoothly.  Leading by example, the Leader works with the Coach and their teams to make the best use of each individual’s skills and talent to enhance the success of the whole team.  The Leader steps in front of the team protecting and guiding them. 


The Mentor has the greatest reward on the team.  As the visionary of the team, they not only make sure that everyone sees the “big picture” but, they have the best overview and history to assess the team’s success.  They also have earned the luxury of spending the majority of their time mentoring and supporting Leaders on the team and appreciate the lifetime friendships that they have developed with these team members.  The Mentor has achieved their initial goals of our training model and now has the opportunity to evaluate their lives from a new perspective and can determine their own future.  They have earned ownership of their lives and the time freedom to fully enjoy it.

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