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One Step at a Time is a unique team training model for like-minded entrepreneurs who are qualified and ready to strive for balance in their work and life.  Our goal is to provide a cooperative, positive environment that will support new team members as they achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

As our new teammates transition from traditional careers to successful entrepreneurs they will be personally mentored through a leadership development program that offers a variety of experiences and responsibilities in five distinct steps: Apprentice - Messenger - Coach - Leader - Mentor

This training is founded on ten basic concepts that provide a clear path for each new team member to follow and teaches both personal and professional skills.

In our business model for work-life balance we identified the four areas of life that would be most important to focus on to realize that balance.  Our logo represents those quadrants:  WORK – LIVE – LEARN - GIVE  Weekly lessons will be based on these subjects.  Goals will be set in all four areas as guidelines to help each individual achieve the fullness of this opportunity.

Work-Life Balance Model

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