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Basic Concepts

One Step at a Time training attracts like-minded individuals who have a desire to improve all aspects of their lives on the journey of realizing Work-Life Balance.

Unlike traditional business models, our participants make a commitment to challenge both their personal and professional development.  Supportive teams share goals and accountability as they achieve life-long dreams.

These Basic Concepts of our training are the stepping stones on the path of lasting success: 

Our teammates work cooperatively as they transition from traditional careers to entrepreneurs.  They soon learn that attitude is the single greatest factor influencing their success.  Understanding the value of a positive mindset is essential to override challenges and achieve our greatest potential. 

Business Alliance
To realize true balance in our lives we need to have financial security.  The Work quadrant of our work-life balance model represents our affiliation with USANA Health Sciences as independent associates.  In USANA we found a business model that not only magnifies the talents, education and interests of our leaders but, it also is well aligned with our mission.  USANA's model is duplicable, cost-effective and has a successful track record.

Goals are more than dreams.  While we challenge our leaders to Dare to Dream, we know that along with the dream come strategy, discipline and action.  Our training provides a model for writing goals and an accountability process to help stay on the path.  Each team member is personally coached and mentored on a team.

Leader Lines
The Leader Line strategy is used in growing our USANA business.  The binary compensation plan provides the infrastructure for each new team member to initiate two teams.  From that point on the teams grow exponentially with each new leader helping with the training and leadership development of the next two new leaders - "Each two teach two".  This simplifies and clarifies the responsibility for each team member.

As we challenge ourselves to move beyond thinking and into doing, we need to create a whole new lifestyle and change old, limiting habits.   Few individuals have unlimited time and freedom to pursue our model so we need to take small steps forward.  Immediate gratification is eliminated and replaced with realistic and incremental goals.  One Step at a Time trains our leaders that success is realized in consistent, persistent efforts over time.   Urgency to have quick and easy success is eliminated and the "why" for all individuals is clarified to help them remain unstoppable on their journey. 

Qualifying Questions
We recommend using our Qualifying Questions to assess whether prospective associates would be a mutual match for our team.  Our two new leaders on our team are considered the Vice Presidents in training for our business and we make a commitment of time and mentoring to them.  We are looking for individuals for life as we have a long-term model where we work to perfect all aspects of our life.  This creates lasting and rewarding relationships of like-minded individuals.

Team Dynamics
Individuals that are attracted to our business model like the concept of cooperative effort and working on teams.   Singularly, entrepreneurship is daunting.  By participating in teams, our talents, experiences and skill sets can be shared to increase the potential for our success.  Team cooperation also leverages our time so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Time Commitment
The One Step at a Time training is considered a guide to reaching the level of Gold Director within approximately 2 years.  Of course, some  will go faster and others will be slower.  Much of our success will depend on our persistence and dedication to following the training as well as the number of hours that we put into our business each week.

"Commitment means setting priorities and following them without fail."  ~Ralph Marston

The ultimate responsibility for your success rests on you and your ability to sustain your vision over time.  Working with a vision-based project is unique for many individuals.  Yet, when they explore our model it resonates with them.  They never imagined that they would find a venture dedicated to help others live their dreams.  We believe that when we stop seeing obstacles our vision is clear and there are no limitations to our potential or happiness.

Weekly Meetings
Regular and consistent weekly team meetings are the foundation for team education, motivation and accountability.  Just as in traditional jobs, our teams would lose effectiveness without these regular meetings.  During team meetings members are accountable to their team for sharing goals and achievements, thus motivating the entire team.  In addition, each new team member has one-on-one tutorial training with other leaders on the team according to the model and level of training that they are participating in.  Meetings can take place in person or through conference calling.

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